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Warther Consulting is a boutique wealth consulting firm enriched with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. We serve a niche clientele dealing with the complex wealth of high net worth and affluent individuals. We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses enjoy significant tax savings through our innovative strategies for tax minimization.

Our company headquarters are located on the historic property known as Tri-Acres in Akron, Ohio. The mansion was built in 1913 by C.W. Seiberling, co-founder of the Good Year Tire and Rubber Co.  Mr. Seiberling commissioned famed architect Edward S. Childs of New York City. Mr. Childs is more famously known for his commission by Woodrow Wilson, president of Princeton University at that time, to construct an important building on the Princeton campus.

Tri-Acres is listed with the Department of the Interior as a Historic Landmark. The mansion, with its rich history and its structural strength and integrity, has become the symbol of our company. Just as this historic mansion has endured the changing climates and catastrophes of nature, so has our company remained steadfast through times of economic woes and prosperity.


A history of ownership:

C.W. Seiberling Family 1913-1923
Vice President and Co-founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Younger brother of Frank A. Seiberling, who built Stan Hywet at the same time.
They shared some of the same craftsmen brought in from Europe.

Michael O’Neil Family 1923-1937
Chairman of General Tire & Rubber
Founder of M. O’Neil’s Department Store

MaryKnoll Franciscan Monks 1937-1953
Property was donated by the O’Neils for use as the MaryKnoll Junior Seminary.

The Unity Church 1953-1993
Purchased from the monks and used as a church until 1993.

Robert W. Warther Family 1988-Present
Property purchased from the Unity Church. There was a pending contract to purchase Tri-Acres and have it TORN DOWN. Mr. Warther purchased the property in the eleventh hour and continued to rent it to the Unity Church until their new church was built in 1993. Mr. Warther continues to restore the property.