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Acting as independent and outside counsel to senior management, Warther Consulting will assist in the development of comprehensive compensation strategies tailored to the needs of each client. We ensure that you align your compensation goals with your current business strategy. Below are some of the options available.

Qualified and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation



  • Company receives tax deduction at the time the contribution is made.
  • Employee income taxes are deferred until the benefits are paid out.
  • Company is subject to the provisions of ERISA i.e. limits on contributions.


  • Tax deductible by the company.
  • Benefits can be tax free to the employee. (Grossed-up Method)
  • Can pick and choose employees to be included.
  • No government filing required.

Section 162 Executive Bonus This type of plan is deductible by the company and tax-free to the employee .

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) COLI’s can be useful for companies that want to hedge against the financial cost of losing key employees.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) SERP’s are non-qualified retirement plans for key employees to defer current income. The plans provide benefits beyond other standard retirement plans.