Warther Consulting - Warther Consulting

Being part of a family business can bring a lot of personal fulfillment. It also requires a substantial amount of planning and foresight to ensure the company’s future success. We provide a comprehensive approach looking at the common issues family businesses face, while bringing to light some of the less talked about issues that may need addressed.

Services we provide:

  • Tax Consulting Evaluation of current and federal income tax liability. Strategic planning for businesses and business owners to find savings opportunities and reduce taxes.
  • Estate Planning Provide advice and counsel to assist in the reduction of estate tax exposure. Review wills, trusts, and other estate documents and work with current attorneys to ensure the appropriate legal vehicles have been utilized.
  • Succession Planning Creation of a strategic plan to successfully pass ownership of the company to key employees or family members.
  • Exit Strategies Planning for ownership change in the company. Understand the owners goals for exiting to aid in extraction of maximum value at the right time.
  • Catastrophe Planning Creating and answering key questions that an owner’s family, key employees, customers, vendors, professional advisors and bankers would have should the owner die suddenly.